Health & Safety

A Strong Commitment To Safety

At Get Away To Educate, we take the welfare of every single participant on our group tours extremely seriously. Our tour support and tour guides work tirelessly to ensure that students and group leaders alike arrive home safe and sound and with all their belongings intact. Our safety and support infrastructure has been a cornerstone of our business since we started in group travel over 20 years ago.

Group Travel in a COVID World?

We are now implementing extra safety measures throughout the on-tour process to ensure our groups have maximum protection when we begin to hit the road again in the months ahead. This new approach to travel is based on strict adherance to up to date travel guidelines and the best expert information currently available. As conditions change, we will follow the science and adjust our safety procedures accordingly.
We will adhere to the use of face masks, hand sanitizer (which we will provide) and physical distancing on all our tours. These moves follow the advice of the World Health Organization, along with input from local government advice and our partners in every destination to which we travel to ensure we’re up to date and compliant on each destination’s guidelines regarding hygiene.

Vehicle Hygiene

We conduct a detailed cleaning regime on our vehicles before the beginning of each tour. This is a deep clean of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. On the tour itself, the cleaning regime includes a thorough cleaning before activities in the morning and last thing in the evening.
Your tour guide will be at hand to provide you with disinfectant sprays, hand sanitisers and disposable paper towels whenever needed. At all times we are monitoring the developments in terms of hygiene and we can ensure that the highest standards will be implemented across the board.

Personal Safety

Get Away To Educate Tour Support and Tour Guides are group travel experts and will take you on a magical journey. They’re highly educated and passionate about history, languages and travel. They’re also highly trained on handling any type of situation that may occur on tour and will dedicate themselves to fulfilling safety promises made to our travellers.
Our vastly experienced tour managers have been closely involved in developing our enhanced safety protocols and all of our full tour team have received comprehensive training on every facet of health and safety procedures.

Illness on Tour

In the event participants become sick and/or are quarantined, Get Away To Educate will work with local and international authorities to get them home as quickly as possible. All Get Away To Educate participants are enrolled in an international medical insurance plan that will provide guaranteed care should someone fall ill.

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should I take?

The amount of money you should take on the tour will depend on the duration, and what is included in your trip. Usually our tours include breakfast and dinners so you will only need to take money for lunches and snacks. We usually suggest students take some local currency in cash, and the rest accessible via a pre-paid currency card which you can obtain from any bank or post office.

What should I bring on the trip?

Most schools send a packing list to help students plan for their departure. As a starting point, you must remember a beach towel. You will need stationery for any language classes. Sun cream and sunglasses might be necessary, as well as a bag that you can use each day to carry your items you need for the activities in the  morning and afternoon.

How much free time will I have?

Depending on the pace of the tour,  itineraries provide a good mixture of sightseeing and free time. Normally, there is free time in the afternoons and evenings after dinner. Groups of three or more students can explore on their own during the day but must first report to the Group Leader to inform him/her of where they are going and when they are planning to return. At night, students will not be permitted to go out on their own, but the Get Away To Educate guide will  arrange activities in which the entire group or smaller groups can participate during the evening hours.


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